What’s New in Wine Glass Technology?

stemless wine glassesOne of the biggest benefits of the space program in the 1960s and ‘70s was all the technological innovations that were created. While engineers and scientists figured out how to get men into space and ultimately land on the moon, they also developed a lot of new conveniences and advancements that we use today, more than 40 years later. From the microprocessor to heat-absorbing polymers, the products that resulted from the space program are a huge part of our everyday lives.

One of these byproducts was the creation of the bladder bag. Given the zero gravity conditions of outer space, trying to drink from an ordinary glass would result in droplets of the liquid being distributed throughout the capsule. So scientists had to develop a better way for astronauts to get the liquids they needed without contaminating their living environment.

What they came up with was the bladder bag, the same type of container that is used today to provide juices and other sweet drinks for toddlers and children. Usually made of a plastic bag surrounded by an aluminum barrier, the liquid is accessed by inserting a plastic straw through a plastic-sheathed barrier. This allows the liquid to be accessed and consumed without any of it escaping.

This type of technology is the basis of Wineova stemless wine glasses. While astronauts probably shouldn’t be drinking wine in outer space, Wineova stemless wine glasses allow you to enjoy your favorite red wine or white wine without ever having to worry about spilling a single drop.

Like the bladder bag, Wineova stemless wine glasses feature a double barrier. On the inside is a vessel shaped like the traditional wine glass. This helps preserve the flavor and aroma of wine and allows the user to swirl the liquid around to generate even more enjoyment.

Temperature can easily affect the flavor of wine. If a chilled white wine or sparkling wine gets too warm or a red wine cools off too much, it can rapidly lose its optimal flavor, negatively impacting the wine drinking experience. But the interior wine glass is protected by an insulating barrier so your favorite red wine or white wine will always be the perfect temperature.

The outside of the Wineova stemless wineglass features a cylindrical “sippy cup” type design. This helps insulate the contents of the wine glass so that it can maintain a constant temperature. But it also provides additional stability, so the wine glass can’t be easily tipped, toppled or dropped.

Both are made from high impact acrylic, so they can’t be easily shattered, chipped or cracked even if dropped from a height. Plus, the wine glasses come with a retractable lid that seals the liquid inside until you are ready to drink it.

When you want a sip of wine, you can simply push back the lid and access the red wine or white wine inside. Then, when you are finished, you can simply slide the lid back into place to create a leak-proof barrier that ensures against spills or loss.

While wine glass technology remained stagnant for many centuries, thanks to the space program there has finally been a rapid improvement in the form of Wineova stemless wine glasses

So the next time you are enjoying your favorite red wine or white wine in your Wineova stemless wine glasses without breakage or spillage, raise your glass to the space engineers and scientists who made it possible!